Portable Dance Floors

Dance Floors for any Event

We can bring it all

DJCain.com will bring the fun to your event and so much more. We can even provide the floor for your guests to get down on! Indoors or out, DJCain.com can provide a portable dance floor for your next event. Again, we use only industry standard equipment and deliver a professional product. We use snap lock brand dance floor in a laminated parquet wood look.

For outdoor dance floors we can put down an underlayment to provide stability for your dance floor without damaging the ground cover. For your indoor dance floor needs, our floors can go down over carpet, concrete or any indoor surface. The DJCain.com dance floor is competitively priced and comes with travel, delivery, setup, use and removal. Our dance floor comes in 1 foot squares so we can provide a dance floor in any size for any number of guests.

We recommend that you provide 2.5 square feet per guest as a rough estimate of dance floor size needed. For example, 100 guests would need a 250 square foot dance floor. That could be a 16×16 foot square dance floor or a 12×21 rectangle shaped floor.

Don’t dance on carpet or in the grass, have DJCain.com bring the floor with the party to your next event!

#1 thing you need to do

#1 thing you need to do to have a successful, spectacular event is hire DJCain. We booked DJCain for our wedding before we were even engaged! I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to my wedding day. I had several people tell me it was the most fun wedding they had ever been to. I had many many people ask me about you and tell me how fantastic you are! The groom’s grandmother from New York mentioned how spectacular you were in a thank you note to my parents.

You made my wedding reception fun. You kept the party going and kept people interested and entertained. My #1 goal for the day was to be married. #2 goal was to have FUN. That’s why I hired you and I’m so thankful I did. You are fantastic! Thanks for all you do and thanks for all of the memories.

Lauren B., Bride Wedding Entertainment, Designer Lighting, Fun Photo Booth, Pipe & Drape, Montage Magic, Projector & Screens