Projector & Screens

Professional Projector Set-up

DJCain can accommodate any and all of your video projector needs for your next business or personal event. Our Multimedia Projectors are perfect for Power Point presentations, conferences, meetings, seminars, break-out sessions and to just play your movies. Each projector is a snap to connect to your computer, DVD player, or gaming system.

Our projectors are of professional quality featuring a high light output of between 3500 and 8000 lumens with contrast ratios ranging from 2000 to 10,000 meaning they can even work with the lights on in the room if necessary.

We have both front and rear projection screens available in various screen sizes to fit your needs. also offers flat screen TV monitor services with LED flat screen TV monitors ranging from 40 to 70 inches diagonal.

Don’t forget you can pair your projector service with one of our sound systems for the ultimate event experience.

When you hire DJCain, you get a built in professional who can get all the technology on-site, up and running, without problems, before the event starts.

The best decision we made!

I told my, then, fiancé that I would rather not have a wedding reception at all if we couldn’t have DJCain at our reception. I had been to an event where DJCain had performed so I knew he was “hands down” the BEST…and when I say perform, I don’t mean sit behind the equipment, play music, and make the various announcements. I mean PERFORM! So I changed my wedding date to correspond with when he was available. He gets the crowd involved from the start and interacts with everyone the entire time from handing out blow-up guitars, changing hats, to dancing with everyone. He kept the dance floor full all night! He knows how to bring life to the party without being the center of attention. He has an awesome sense of humor and really personalized every aspect of his services. He is very compassionate and was willing to jump in and help wherever possible. He even helped arrange the cake table and truly saved our reception. We got so many compliments on our choice of DJ’s. He’s enthusiastic and fun, and hiring him was definitely the BEST decision we made in planning for our special day!

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