About Cain Humphrey

Experienced Wedding / Event Entertainer

Nearly Three Decades of Experience!

My personal EXPERIENCE Since 1989, I have performed at thousands of events of all different types; Weddings, Schools, Corporate Events, Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Retirement Celebrations and more. That experience shows in every event. From knowing the right song to play at the right time, to having the next request playing before the guest makes it to the request table. That’s part of what being a professional mobile entertainer means to me. It also means adding just the right amount of spice to the event with party props and a personality that can only be described as DJCain. I’m not DJCain when I’m working in my office, or even when I’m setting up for a show. I don’t get in to character until I put on my game face and my tux.

What do YOU want from your Entertainer/DJ? Every show is different and I strive to provide a custom show for each and every client. I always encourage and allow each customer to have as little or as much input as they want. It’s their show and I work for them. Some people worry that they won’t get the kind of Entertainer/DJ that they want at their show or that they will get the same “cookie cutter” show that the DJ they hired always does. That’s simply not the case with me. I like to use a scale from 1 to 10. If the customer wants a human jukebox they set me at a 1. If they want the “full on wild man” approach-dial me up to about 10. They can also use any setting in between. They’re also not limited to one setting. They can start with a 4-5 and move up to a 8-9 later in the night! If that scares the grandparents it’s easy to turn me back down.

10 Questions to ask your potential Disc Jockey

DJCain does not disappoint.

DJCain does not disappoint. He provides all he says he will and so much more. Our guests are still talking about his performance & interactions to make our night unforgettable.

Erin G., Bride Designer Lighting, Professional Event Entertainment

DJCain is very good at making sure the event is the way YOU want it

DJCain is very good at making sure the event is the way YOU want it and catering to you for any of your needs. He is very good about trying to get the crowd involved and playing what the crowd wants.

We are so thankful for all of your services and help making our day perfect! We had so much fun!! We also received numerous comments about how much fun everyone else had as well. Examples: “This is the best wedding ever!” “This is the most fun I have EVER had at a wedding!”

Thank you so much for everything you do!

Aaron & Brendan P., Bride and Groom Wedding Entertainment, Designer Lighting, Fun Photo Booth, Montage Magic, Projector & Screens