Montage Magic

Custom Wedding Slideshow / Montage

A Beautiful Montage of Your Lives Together

Photo montages are very popular at wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, class reunions and anytime you want to honor a special guest or guests. Many times friends and family members will build these montages in power point or another program that usually requires a computer to show them and can be difficult to get music to play properly with the montage. Often these are just a basic slide show of pictures transitioning one to the next. Not with Montage Magic. I use artistry and creativity to make magic with your photos or video snippets. Moving pictures, vivid backgrounds, panning and zooming to create an exciting and engaging video experience. All of this with the perfect music and all on DVD for easy viewing anytime without a computer. Three copies of your Montage Magic DVD are included and additional copies are available. You are also welcome to make your own copies of these unprotected DVDs as they are all yours.

DJCain is very good at making sure the event is the way YOU want it

DJCain is very good at making sure the event is the way YOU want it and catering to you for any of your needs. He is very good about trying to get the crowd involved and playing what the crowd wants.

We are so thankful for all of your services and help making our day perfect! We had so much fun!! We also received numerous comments about how much fun everyone else had as well. Examples: “This is the best wedding ever!” “This is the most fun I have EVER had at a wedding!”

Thank you so much for everything you do!

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