10 Questions

to ask your potential Disc Jockey

How many complete dance systems do you have and how many DJ’s work for you?

I have three systems, one system doing shows and two for backup. ZERO, I am the owner and only Entertainer.

How long have you been in business and how much experience do you have?

I have been in business since 1989. I personally have nearly three decades of experience as an entertainer and have logged thousands of hours entertaining at all types of events. (Watch out for companies claiming 10 years of experience if they employ five DJ’s that have worked two years each.)

Is being a Disc Jockey your full time job?

THIS is what I do. Would you trust your event to someone who considers this a hobby or pastime? My livelihood depends on your satisfaction. Therefore you get my full devotion and attention, plus I’m in the office every day.

Are you insured against equipment loss and liability? (Many venues are starting to REQUIRE insurance.)

Yes! Every piece of equipment and music is insured against any kind of loss. If your DJ’s equipment is not insured and it is stolen or damaged the week before the event, where will the equipment for your event come from? I also carry a separate liability policy to protect clients and the company. A property damage or injury lawsuit could take your DJ’s company out of business, and leave you without entertainment on your event day. (No, I’ve never had a liability claim.)

Have you ever missed an event or had an unsatisfied customer?

NO to both, DJCain.com has never missed, canceled, or even been LATE to start an event. I offer a money back guarantee that I’ve never used. “Over twenty years of service, 100% Satisfied customers!” References are available!

How many events did you do last year and how many events of each type? (You may want to ask for proof.)

In 2015-I provided entertainment at over 100 events! More than 46 weddings, 20 school dances, & over 40 other events including reunions, birthdays, and corporate events. I have the contracts on file to back that up. I have performed at between 80-100 events per year for the past 27 years.

Are you a member of any professional disc jockey associations?

YES, I am a proud member the American Disc Jockey Association (www.adja.org)

Where do you get your new music?

The same place radio stations do. RPM music service provides NEW music in all formats the same day the radio stations get it and always ONLY the “CLEAN RADIO EDITS!”

Why do you feel you’re worth what you charge?

Several reasons – Experience, Professionalism, Dependability, Insured, MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, Full time entertainer! “A jukebox will take your money & play music, a DJ will take more money, read the crowd & may play music that moves people to dance. However, a professional entertainer will be paid more. He will help people have fun and laugh, with him or at him. He will motivate even the wall flowers to get up, at least to run away from him.” My clients feel that I offer by far THE BEST in mobile entertainment! That’s VALUE!

Why should I hire your company to be the DJ at my event?

There are many factors that set DJCain.com apart from the competition, here are a few; first, I am the only full time, professional mobile entertainer in the area. Therefore, my first priority is you, my client. This is not a hobby or part time job – it’s what I do. Second, DJCain.com is not just a DJ company – I am an entertainer. My job is to make sure everyone has a good time whether they dance or not. Finally, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. If you’re not satisfied with my service, tell me what’s wrong at that time during the event, if I can’t make it right – you don’t pay a dime. DJCain.com has the only MONEY BACK GUARANTEE in mobile entertainment!

Everything we dreamed it would be!

DJCain is absolutely great! He totally made our reception everything we dreamed it would be. You can tell it’s more to him then ‘just his job’!

Kevin & Kelci H. Wedding Entertainment